“Awakening With Gaia”

By Indigo Sky 6/7/18 Ever since I began my awakening I’ve discovered a new outlook on my life as well as a new approach to being fit while combining a spiritual regimen that allows me to feel centered and balanced. Now I get my daily dose of blood circulating cardio outside in nature with the […]

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“Inner Light “ By Indigo Sky I am here to awaken the masses, to help those that are feeling lost and hopeless. I am here to remind you of something that we all possess, and that is our inner light. I have begun my awakening, I magnify all the cosmic energy in the universe. I […]

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“Spiritual Euphoria”

“Spiritual Euphoria” By Indigo Sky 5/28/18 The Process of awakening Is causing me to lose myself, I’m changing on so many levels that it’s caused me to withdraw. Lately l find myself becoming distant with the very people who were once priority in my life, I’m on a thirsty hunt for enlightenment and understanding. I […]

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“I Feel Him” By Indigo Sky 5/14/18 I feel him in the morning when I rise, I feel him in the sun each time I look at the sky, He’s in the earth, the trees, the plants, the flowers and the breeze. He is everything, he’s in the air that I breathe, he is the […]

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“ A Mother’s Love “

“ A Mother’s Love ” By Indigo Sky 5/7/18 Reminiscing on my favorite childhood memories, I can’t help but to feel melancholy realizing how truly blessed I am. I cherish this sacred bond that I share with my mother, remaining inseparable throughout my life, even now oceans apart. My mother is my safe haven, the […]

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